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    Stage1Stunts has been supplying advanced technology in action sequences to productions for film and television shows since 1995. President and owner David Hugghins, former fire fighter from Texas, designs and builds all his own air rams, ratchets, and winches used to create exciting action scenes for movies such as:

MI4, Transformers 1,2, & 3, Legion, Jupiter Ascending and many more.

Stage1stunts supplied the stunt rigging for the long running action T.V. show “Charmed” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.


    David has over 200 credits on IMDB and enough equipment to run multiple shows at once. His company keeps busy year round. Due to the fact he started off as a stuntman and stunt double first before moving into the position of Key Stunt Rigger he understands what happens on both ends of the wire work.


   With pride, respect and dedication to his products he has been keeping up with technology and film & T.V. production needs.


If you want safe and exciting action scenes give us a call.  CONTACT


We look forward to working with you on your next film.




Meet the Stage 1 Stunts team!


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